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The name's Melanie, your slightly irregular 17-year old who's quite the arty type, after middle school I hope to make it into theater academy! :3 Mel's one with a predilection for playing keyboard, guitar and ukulele, and one with a wide taste in music. Part of a band called The Lawless. On our way of becoming totally awesome. Enough about me! Tell me about you c:
Oh, one more thing; I like girls.


The moment you choose to stand out you have already changed history

Stashuck Stevens (via psych-facts)

Nothing prepared me for what the privilege of being yours would do.

Sleeping At Last - Turning Page

I’ve waited a hundred years,
I’d wait a million more for you.

Sleeping At Last - Turning Page

Anonymous asked

Grey: 2 facts about my favourite things.

1. My favourite things áre my guitar, my longboard, my stuffed unicorn Fred, my photograph with my best friend which I got from her in a supersweet handpainted picture frame and my little tiny ball thing I got from my first girlfriend (I still don’t know how to call it in English c;)

2. Having come to point 2, I’ll tell you the why:

My guitar belongs to one of my favs because for me music is a way of expressing my feelings, I love making up new tunes and just singing along to the already existing ones that appeal to me blended with some hitting the strings. In a way, it completes me.

My longboard is listed in the same category because I just love going out on that thing man, I got a Dusters Crusher longboard which is a cruiser model and going around on that thing is just heaven on Earth.

My stuffed unicorn Fred is in my favourites because it’s a stuffed unicorn the size of a normal drinking glass and he has white skin with purple, green and blue dots on it and a pink horn on his head and purple fur on it’s back. I got it from my neighbour for Spirit Day because I organised it at our school last year and it was a great success! Fred’s my fudging spirit animal dude :3

The picture of me and my best friend with the handpainted picture frame is in my favourites because it’s just such a sweet thing. I had the exact same picture as my phone background and then she came up with it as a little present and I just love it. Even though I don’t see her that much she means the world to me, love you bro

The token I got from my first girlfriend means a whole lot to me because, you know, we were so in love and I still remember the way I sneaked to the other side of the steps of the trainstation so I would end up behind her back so I could scare her, and then when I said ”BOO!” she didn’t hear me because she had earplugs in and I turned her around and that first time she looked me in the eyes and smiled that smile of total disbelief of this all being true, I knew she was it. I really knew. I could go on and on about all the things that I can recall because god bless my great memory of the days that I’ve been with her but let me just say that through it all, that little thing kept me strong for so long when my heart was torn apart and the bad days didn’t seem to end. It travelled a whole lot either, it visited Italy two times, Belgium, the Southern border of our little country. Everytime I look at it, it just all comes back. Good memories, bad memories, but especially that world enlightening smile. I’ll never forget you darling <3

I’ve been quite miserable. You’d call me selfish — but I feel it more and more; I feel the need to be alone with people who understand without having to try. I need that sense of effortlessness right there — I just refuse to hold back these days. I refuse to settle for some lucidity of mind in my own privacy and then no more energy left, no more vitality left to keep me going. It’s all anxiety and restlessness. And — I find it more and more hard to waste my time on people I don’t truly care about for I feel they don’t care enough either. Or they do care, in their own way, but it’s just not meaningful to me whatsoever. Does it all lie in my complete inability to receive? At any rate, I think they surely like the idea — that’s why they obviously keep coming around for tea! But at this point, I can’t have that — and there’s no point, really, for they don’t understand, ever, and in all my misery I am still pretty arrogant and demanding enough to believe that it is my right to wish to be felt rather than be understood but that doesn’t seem to happen either. So, here it is: is it possible? I ask. Is “emotion” possible without “understanding” of some sort?

Virginia Woolf, from Selected Letters (via violentwavesofemotion)